At AKJ, we offer a broad spectrum of legal services ranging from crucial civil and criminal matters and navigating them through the nitty gritties of the Indian legal system and handling complex commercial transactions to crucial civil law issues with clear and systematic approach.


At AKJ, you will have a dedicated team that will assist and represent your interests as a client. Our expertise in Litigation covers:

AKJ aims to provide its client’s with the best service and representation in matrimonial matters and family law. The firm’s vision is to have a transparent mechanism through which we can offer the most viable solutions to our clients. The field of matrimonial law covers matters that relate to marriage, separation, divorce, and child custody. Because the law recognises that not all intimate relationships involve marriage, this field of law also covers matters relating to civil partnerships and long-term marriage-like relationships.

We provide assistance to the clients in the areas of:

    • Marriage, civil partnership, and cohabitation agreements
    • Separation and divorce
    • Property rights, asset distribution, and financial settlements
    • Adoption
    • Parental responsibility orders, for example child maintenance payments
    • Child arrangement orders

AKJ furnishes excellent representation in the aspect of rentals due to the abundance of Tenancy/ Landlord Eviction Matters we have dealt with. Our experts provide the best advice in the matters relating to fair rent prices, remedy for when tenants do not vacate the rent premises even after termination of the tenancy period, false cases to evict tenants on the ground of non-payment of rent.

Our paralegal and Liasoning team are experts in drafting and processing RTI???s, and its communication. Years of knowledge and working experience with various departments and authorities of the government gives us an edge in finding the result diligently and effectively.

The team at AKJ comprise of tax specialists having extensive knowledge of the law relating to Taxation. We help in identifying the vital aspects relating to deductions, exemptions, and credits that make a huge impact on your tax liability.

Moreover, the team consists of experts that provide its clients with advice on tax-related activities that are illegal and that may lead to an audit by the IRS.

Specialization of the firm in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 assures both creditors as well as debtors best services in every aspect of Insolvency and Bankruptcy.

In present times, when start-ups are continuing to plod away and innovate, disputes and legal issues are right behind the entrepreneurs. Our insolvency and restructuring professionals deliver well planned advice to asset reconstruction companies. The team assists in the valuation of assets and liabilities of a stressed company. Our expert advice includes the calculation of risk involved in taking over businesses of stressed companies and the companies going through dissolution process.

The firm is well versed with local-revenue laws, land laws and regulatory authorities and our PAN India lawyers possess ability to deal with them in their local languages. Our property dispute team helps our clients in matters relating to purchase, lease or license of property for residential, commercial or industrial purposes by providing not only sound advice but also enable our clients to make intelligent decisions about the same. The services also include assisting our clients in obtaining pre and post construction licenses, approvals, and permits for development of real estate projects. We try our best to avoid any dispute in property transact ions by eloquently drafting our contracts and legal documents relating to property transactions.

The firm acknowledges the significance of consumer rights and plays an active role in promoting and protecting their interests. Our mediation team has vast experience of settling major disputes between third party e-commerce platforms, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, etc with the consumer.

With the rapid increase in white collar crimes and the constant evolution of the legal and regulatory regime, AKJ is focused on keeping its pace with the rapid advancement in technology and with changes in law. Our team is dedicated to delivering the best combination of skills in order to put in place a safety net in a post-transaction scenario.

We provide solutions for fraud activities or breach of security incidents, including incidents concerning kickbacks, bribery, corruption, cheating, fraudulently impersonating, and intellectual property theft.

Alternative dispute resolution is primarily made up of two methods for solving cases: mediation and arbitration. We act as mediators, who are unbiased third parties in order to reach a mutually beneficial settlement.

  • Online dispute resolution (ODR): Online Dispute Resolution refers to the resolution of conflicts via online communication. We assist both disputing parties in resolving their disputes by acting as an unbiased facilitator in order to reach a solution to both parties??? benefit.
  • Arbitration: Arbitration is a formal process. Dispute here is resolved by the decision of an arbitrator. Our team acts as counsels and arbitrators in arbitration proceedings. We have breadth and depth of experience working on arbitral matters with some of the major industry leaders.
  • Mediation: Mediation is a voluntary, informal and non-binding process of resolving disputes which places its reliance on the mutual cooperation of both parties to appoint an independent third party. AKJ assists its clients as an impartial agent to facilitate and resolve the dispute, saving time and energy for both the parties.


The corporate and commercial law defines the limits under which a business can face hurdles while prospering and evolving. It covers the laws identifying with organizations and securities, contracts, money related to administration control. Our Corporate team assists clients in dealing with these laws, meeting requisites to run a business, ensuring fair and transparent corporate governance.

Financial services law governs the services and transactions of investment banks, hedge funds, investment advisers, insurance carriers, brokerages and trading firms, securities and futures exchanges, self-regulatory agencies, business entities issuing securities, and consumer finance businesses. AKJ ensures the compliance of their clients with these laws. Our dedicated financial service team actively identifies and calculates the risk arising in your business and furnishes the best advice to deal with them.

Restructuring of a business is essential not only for the business but also for several stakeholders, the creditors, including banks, and directors/officers. This requires an expert advisory and expertise in insolvency.

AKJ provides the best advice in insolvency and restructuring matters which includes debt restructuring and rescheduling, equity capital raising and restructuring, distressed M&A activity, investigation, asset tracking and insolvency litigation, formal insolvency procedures and contingency planning.

  • Direct tax matters: Our direct tax experts deliver in-depth knowledge of tax laws to help businesses in complying with these tax laws along with bringing tax efficiencies. This includes litigation services and hearing before tax authorities.
  • Indirect Tax Matters: Our Indirect Tax advice includes, evaluate tax implications on existing or proposed business transactions. Detailed review contracts and agreements to calculate the GST impact, from the perspective of Procurement, Manufacturing and Distribution. Assistance in identifying optimal valuation model for related party transactions under GST, while aligning the same with the model adopted under transfer pricing provisions. Evaluate the legal positions adopted and suggest changes, if any, under the GST regime.

AKJ is a relationship driven firm and supports the prospects of forming relationships. These relationships leads to Mergers and acquisitions (M&A). M & A???s is a branch of corporate law which covers transactions of companies that are purchasing and/or merging with other companies. We as firm focus on simplifying the complexities in such mergers.

It also includes advising concerning the drafting, negotiation, and performance of contracts for the sale of portions of the business.

  • Regulatory Practices and its Liaisoning

    AKJ acts as an offshore unit which undertakes legal work assigned by organisations and legal departments. These tasks include;

  • Litigation support

    The Services provided by AKJ through litigation support includes anything from document scanning to coding and organization of files. These services consist of comprehensive, customizable consultation projects taken on by businesses specializing coding and the development of personalized electronic databases. AKJ???s Team provides you with the qualifications and experience you need in order to help you come up with viable solutions that are reasonably priced and time efficient.

Our Litigation Support Services includes but are not limited to:

    • Legal Coding/Indexing
    • Logical Document Determination
    • Drafting Motions and Pleadings
    • Preparation of Legal Forms
    • Case Research
    • Deposition Summary and Case Summary
    • Handling Case Files
    • Complaints and Answers
    • Review and Analysis

AKJ consists of a team who provides a full array of services relating to the acquisition, enforcement, and commercial use of IP. We at AKJ have decades of experience across the field and will provide our clients with the most cost effective and streamlined services.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Patentability Searches & Analysis
    • Freedom-to-Operate Searches
    • Patent Valuation
    • Prototyping and Product Development
    • Trademark Searches & Analysis

AKJ???s combination of skill sets which includes contract review, technology, risk assessment and industry knowledge brings an advantage in mitigating the contract management practices risks and achieving the maximum operational benefits. Our framework consists of principles of transparency, clear governance, absolute accountability and continuous improvement.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following.

    • Drafting Contracts
    • Contract Reviewing
    • Management of Contracts

Our team at AKJ with its decades of experienced and adept professionals vis its customer service and technical know-how offers our online legal research services for attorneys and clients in finding and capturing the most pertinent data. We serve one client at a time in order to deliver customized results. Our services are Credible, Accurate and cost Effective.


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