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Who we are

At AKJ Attorneys & Solicitors LLP, we maintain the legacy of personal attention to each and every client. Dedicated and value driven, we started this firm 30 years ago, compelled by a sole motto of ‘transparency’. That has been our goal ever since!

To achieve that, we ensure that our clients know in depth about their ‘legal cause’ as much as we do. This can only be achieved by having one-to- one discussions with our client

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Our Attorneys

Our team is comprised of highly qualified and skilled professionals who are determined to provide the best possible result. In addition to a reputation for excellence in handling complex personal injury cases, we are experienced in handling business litigation matters.


Ashok K Jain

Founder, Advocate, LLB, Ex-IRS
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Apoorv Jain

Founder, Advocate, LLM, Glasgow University
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Divya Jain

Founder, Advocate, LLB
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Why Choose Us ?

At AKJ LPO, we offer wide range of LPO services, comprising of Pre-litigation assistance, contract management services, legal research, Intellectual Property Research and management, Judgement Summarization to name a few. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us above any other LPO

Security is our utmost priority

Safeguarding your data is our utmost priority and we take every possible measure to ensure the data remains safe and confidential. We also use the best e-discovery technology, tools, and processes and implement the highest level of security.

Experienced team

: the law graduates come from reputed schools and have been trained to device the work-flow most suitable to the clients’ needs.

Flexible working hours

Round the clock working cycle of our LPO services also adds up to your advantages of hiring us. Difference in the time zone between India and U.S enables us to frame and implement an effective business module to suit both time zones so as to coerce them to outsource legal work to India.

Cost-effective services

Outsourcing legal work to India at cost-savvy competitive prices and get competent and highly skilled services of lawyers at swash buckling prices via outsourcing. Pay less for highly effective LPO services from specialized legal professionals. Get access to same talent at reduced costs. Clients can also choose from any of our unique billing modules for customized billing structure irrespective of their project size.

Shorter timeline

we deliver work on the promised time-lines along with a super quality