Ashok K Jain

Founder, Advocate, LLB, Ex-IRS
Expertise: Constitution, Taxation, Mining & Commercial Law
Practice years: 38
Domain: Supreme Court, High Court and Tribunals

About Him: He pursued his law studies while serving as an IS Officer, once graduated in law, he was hired by the Government of India to handle their Excise matters, with his unmatched experience in the field and a knowledge which only a handful possessed at the time, he left the job to do something on his own. From there he began his journey as an independent lawyer.


Apoorv Jain

Founder, Advocate, LLM, Glasgow University
Expertise: Commercial Law, Banking, Matrimonial & Real-Estate Laws
Practice years: 10
Domain: Supreme Court, High Court and Tribunals/h6>

About Him: After getting his Masters in Law, from the UK, he started his practice right after and gained an intensive share of knowledge in the land laws of India, notwithstanding the familiarity with real-estate law and its complexity. With his greater understanding in the particular field he has managed to have a ‘who’s-who’ as a list of clients under his umbrella.

He has also been gaining name in the field of family law in the past few years to count.


Divya Jain

Founder, Advocate, LLB
Expertise: IPR, Contracts Management, Due-Diligence & E-Discovery
Practice years: 10

About her: working as a corporate lawyer for about 10 years now, Divya has gained expertise in Legal Process Outsourcing sector. Associated with global brands, Divya has earned international projects from UK, China and the USA. Her expertise is primarily in the contracts management, IPR and E-Discovery.

Team members

Rajesh Jain

Senior Advocate, LLB
Expertise: Taxation & Constitution
Practice years: 35

Ritu Jain

Advocate, Associate, LLB
Expertise: Labour Laws & Utility Laws
Practice Years: 20

Rakshith Srivastava

Advocate, LLB
Expertise: Arbitration
Practice Years: 5

Rishabh Jain

CA, LLB, Associate
Expertise: Taxation
Practice Years: 10

Giriraj Sharma

Advocate, LLB
Local Counsel: Faridabad
Practice Years: 5

Manish Vashisth

Advocate, LLB
Local Counsel: Gurgaon

Kunal Vohra

Advocate, LLB
Local Counsel: Faridabad